Destiny 2 will make its way to PC; launch prices, release date and early access announced

The console-PC gap is shrinking further as yet another high-profile console-exclusive title gets ready to make its PC debut.


Destiny 2, a massively multiplayer online first person shooter developed by Bungie, the makers of Halo, is a highly anticipated shooter that’s expected to debut this year. A sequel to 2014’s Destiny, this new game keeps many of the elements that makes the original game popular, including the shooting mechanics.

The progression system does take a hit, however, as apparently the new game is a fresh start to the franchise and will not carry forward the progress made in the previous title.

Regardless, just the fact that this title is also making its way to PC is big news. AAA game developers had, for a while been restricting their titles to consoles for a number of reasons, including exclusive contracts with console makers.

Bungie has confirmed that the game will makes its way to PC as well as consoles and that it will be launched on 8 September. There is no mention of Nintendo Switch support.

A beta of the game should be available on all three platforms “this summer”. Bungie has also promised to stream gameplay live on 18 May, so make sure you’ve marked your calendars.

A report on Kotaku adds that the game will offer Playstation-exclusive content. The game’s launch price is expected to be $60 (around Rs 4,000) and there’s also a special Collector’s Edition set for $250 (around Rs 16,000).


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